The Apollo 13 Minute

A Minute-by-Minute Podcast About the Greatest Space Movie Ever Made

About Us

Jim Lovell, Chris Henry, Fred Haise
Jim Lovell, Chris Henry, Fred Haise

Chris Henry

EAA Aviation Museum Programs Coordinator
EAA Timeless Voices Program
EAA Aviation Museum Docent Program

Chris Henry is a staff member at the Experimental Aircraft Association in Oshkosh, WI.  He has been interested in aviation since he was a young boy.  At the age of twelve, he began volunteering at the local air museum in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  There he worked on several World War Two aircraft such as the B-17 Flying Fortress, B-25 Mitchell, and P-47 Thunderbolt.  He worked through college fueling airplanes at the local airport and graduated as an Air Traffic Controller.  He worked ramp control for the airlines and then went on to become a manager of flight operations for a medical helicopter company.  After serving as an air traffic controller for several years, he came to the EAA.  In his role there he works to create special moments for people from all walks of life.  He has worked very closely with astronauts from the Apollo Program.

Jim O'Kane

Rocket Scientist / Podcast Producer / Internet Meme

After too many years in Aerospace / Information Technology, Jim has returned to his roots in Entertainment and chatting about stuff. Producer of popular podcasts such as Airport Minute, The Rocketeer Minute, Die Hard Minute, and 007 Minute, he’s now focused on making this podcast the best series so far.

And yes, he’s a real Internet meme.

Jim O'Kane, at the launch of Apollo X - May, 1969.
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