Minute 070: The Grumman Guys

February 01, 2019

One of the flight controllers speaks up. “I was wondering what the Grumman guys think about this.”

The Grumman rep shrugs. “We can’t make any guarantees,” he says. “We designed the LM to land on the Moon, not fire the engine out there for course corrections.”

“Well,” replies Kranz, “Unfortunately we’re not landing on the Moon, are we?” The Grumman guy nods.

“I don’t care what anything was designed to do,” continues Kranz. “I care about what it can do. So let’s get to work. Let’s lay it out, okay?”

Back in Mission Control, technicians are sapping out equipment modules from a console.  Technicians talk to each other.


The Flight Surgeon talks to CapCom.

“After this burn,” says the Flight Surgeon, “we’ve got to build some time in the flight plan for them to get some sleep.”

“Run it by the FAO,” says CapCom.

“I’ve run it by the FAO,” replies the Flight Surgeon.

Gene Kranz enters Mission Control, joining a discussion with Glynn Lunney, Deke Slayton, and the NASA director.

“He specifically wanted a quote from a flight director,” says the Director.

“Who wanted a quote?” asks Kranz.

“The President,” replies Deke.

“The President?” repeats Kranz.

“Nixon,” says Lunney. “He wants odds.”

Kranz is shocked. “We are not losing the crew,” he says.

“Gene,” says the NASA Director, “I’ve got to give him odds. Five to one against? Three to one? ”

“I don’t think they’re that good,” replies Lunney.

“We are not losing those men!” says Kranz. Gene steps away to his console. Deke looks at the NASA Director.


Ed Harris as Gene Kranz
Ray McKinnon as FIDO White Team Jerry Bostick
Andy Milder as GUIDO White Team
Kenneth White as Grumman Rep
Christian Clemenson as Flight Surgeon
Chris Ellis as Deke Slayton
Mark McClure as Glynn Lunney
Joe Spano as NASA Director


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