Minute 094: Hi Grandma

April 30, 2020

Everyone in Mission Control is relieved that the CO2 scrubber improvisation is working.

Back in the Command Module simulator, Ken Mattingly is piecing together a reentry sequence power-up.

“Okay, spacecraft control to computer,” says Mattingly.

A Master Alarm lights up as the ammeter in the control room buzzes the overload indication.

“Damn,” says John Aaron.

“Damn,” repeats Mattingly. “We overloaded. We used way too much power and there must be a sneak circuit some place between steps 7 and 10.”

“All right,” says John Young. “Which one has the leak?”

“No, not yet, John,” replies Mattingly. “It… The sequence was wrong. We just have to go back and try ’em one at a time.”

“You need a break, Ken?” asks Young.

“If they don’t get one, I don’t get one,” says Mattingly.

At a nursing home, Blanch Lovell, mother of Jim Lovell, is directing an orderly as he turns television channels on a TV set.

“Well, if it won’t work, get me another one,” says Blanch. “My son’s supposed to be on.”

” I know, Mrs. Lovell,” says the orderly.

“Hi, Blanch,” says Marilyn Lovell, entering the room with her children.

“They can’t fix a damn thing in this place,” says Blanch.

“Blanch. It’s Marilyn,” says Marilyn.

“Hi, Grandma!” says Barbara Lovell.


Gary Sinise as Ken Mattingly

Loren Dean as John Aaron

Ben Marley as John Young

Jean Speegle Howard as Blanch Lovell

Thom Barry as Orderly

Kathleen Quinlan as Marilyn Lovell

Mary Kate Schelhardt as Barbara Lovell

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