Minute 099: Without the Computer

May 07, 2020

FIDO explains, “We need another burn to get them back in the entry corridor.”

“Definitely another burn,” agrees GNC.

“Another burn,” says Kranz.

“Fire the engines and get them on course,” says FIDO.

“Copy that,” says Gene Kranz.

Onboard Aquarius, Jim Lovell examines a frozen hot dog. Swigert coughs. Lovell taps the hot dog against the LM’s alignment telescope mount. The hot dog is frozen solid. Haise coughs.

“Aquarius, this is Houston,” radios CAPCOM.

“Houston, Aquarius,” replies Lovell.

“Jim, we’ve got another course correction for you,” says CAPCOM.

Swigert looks at Lovell’s surprised face. “What’s up?” he asks Lovell.

“Something about another course correction,” says Haise.

“We copy, Houston,” says Lovell. “Be advised it’s gonna take Freddo and I awhile to power up the computer for the alignment platform if we have to fire the engine.”

“Negative on that, Jim,” says CAPCOM. “We can’t spare power for the computer.”

Freddo looks at Lovell in disbelief. “We gotta do this blind?” he says.

“Houston,” replies Lovell, “Without the computer, what do we use for orientation?”


Ed Harris as Gene Kranz

Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell

Bill Paxton as Fred Haise

Kevin Bacon as Jack Swigert

Ned Vaughn as CAPCOM – Gold

Gabriel Jarret as GNC

Max Grodénchik as FIDO

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