Minute 036: The Clock is Running

August 20, 2018


The flames at the base of the LUT begin to flow back inside, toward the flame trench.

The crew seats shudder as the rocket lifts off the pad.

“The clock is running!” announces Lovell.  The Mission Elapsed Time displays 00001, then 00002.

Fuel lines separate between the LUT and the spacecraft.

The massive hold-down clamps lift away from the base of the ship.

“We have liftoff!” says the Launch Director.

The Saturn V lifts into the air on a pillar of flame.

Marilyn Lovell and Mary Haise watch the liftoff. Mary Haise is weeping.

“Houston,” says Lovell, “We have cleared the tower at 13:13.”

“Okay, guys – – we got it,” says Kranz to his MCC crew.

The Saturn V rises majestically away from Pad 39A.

Marilyn Lovell watches from the stands.

The Saturn V rides into a cloud bank.

From his position on the edge of the Atlantic shoreline, Mattingly watches Apollo 13 rise into the sky.

“Come on, baby,” says Mattingly. “Come on.”

The Saturn V rises above the clouds.

“Altitude,” reports Swigert,” is on the line.”

The Command Module’s DSKY reports the ship is Verb 16, Noun 62, reporting lines +00062, +00152, and +—32.


Jim Lovell: Tom Hanks
Jack Swigert: Kevin Bacon
Fred Haise: Bill Paxton
Gene Kranz: Ed Harris
Launch Director: Andrew Lipschultz
CAPCOM: Brett Cullen
Guenter Wendt: Endre Hules

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