Minute 071: I’ve Seen It

February 04, 2019

“We have to burn the engine at PC + 2,” says the FAO.

Gene Kranz sits at his console and rubs his eyes.

Slayton turns to the NASA director and whispers, “Look, tell him three-to-one.”

In the depths of space, a Quindar tone sounds. Aquarius and Odyssey are silhouetted in the sunlight. “Expect loss of signal in one minute,” says Capcom. “When we pick you back up, we will have your PC Plus Two data.”

“Okay, roger that, Houston,” replies Haise, “We’ll hear from you again at Acquisition of Signal.”

Lovell glances at the crew as the ship approaches the Moon at pericynthion. “You want a look?” he asks, and glides to the back of the LM cabin.

“Oh, look at that!” says Haise. Swigert moves to Lovell’s window.

“Wow,” says Swigert.

Marilyn sits on her bedroom floor, listening to the NASA squawk box.

“Aquarius, that’s thirty seconds to loss of signal,” says Capcom.

The lunar surface looms large in the LM windows.  Hadley Rille is clearly visible.

“Mare Tranquilitatis, ” says Haise. “Neil and Buzz’s old neighborhood. Comin’ up on Mount Marilyn!”  Freddo aims a camera at the window. “Jim, you’ve gotta take a look at this!”

“I’ve seen it,” says Lovell.  Fred looks at him.


Ed Harris as Gene Kranz
Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell
Kathleen Quinlan as Marilyn Lovell
Kevin Bacon as Jack Swigert
Bill Paxton as Fred Haise
Chris Ellis as Deke Slayton
Mark McClure as Glynn Lunney
Joe Spano as NASA Director

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