Minute 124: If They’re Not Back in Four

July 09, 2020

PAO Henry Hurt is telling a reporter everything that could go wrong with the landing.

“Heatshield could be cracked,” says Henry, “and their parachutes might be three blocks of ice. Clearly we have got some obstacles to overcome.”

“Yeah, Okay,” says the reporter, “But now I’m asking you: when will we know?”

“Blackout lasts for three minutes,” says Henry. “If they’re not back in four, we’ll know.”

In Mission Control, INCO has a report.

“Velocity now reading thrity four thousand, eight hundred two feet per second, range to go
twenty six hundred twenty five nautical miles,” says INCO.

“Copy that,” says Kranz.

In Odyssey, Swigert is in the left seat.

“Okay, Ken,” says Swigert, “We are aligned for re-entry. Jim, we’re gonna need that computer re-entry program. Fred, how are the batteries looking?”

“Okay,” says Haise, “Batt A looks good.”

“Re-entry interface in one minute and thirty seconds,” radios Mattingly.

“Batt B, no volts, amps are okay. Batt C, sh-t. No volts, only two amps. They may die before the main chutes open,” says Haise.

“Roger,” says Lovell. “Let’s tie all the batteries onto main A and main B.”

Back in Mission Control, RETRO has a question for the Flight Director.

“Flight, they’re still shallowing a bit up there. Do you want to tell ’em?” asks RETRO.

“Anything we can do about it?” says Kranz.

“Not now, Flight,” replies RETRO.


Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell

Bill Paxton as Fred Haise

Kevin Bacon as Jack Swigert

Gary Sinese as Ken Mattingly

Tracy Reiner as Mary Haise

Xander Berkeley as Henry Hurt

Herb Jefferson, Jr as Reporter

Ben Bode as INCO

Patrick Mickler as RETRO

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