Minute 128: Do You Read Me?

August 05, 2020


The Lovell family in Houston, and son Jay Lovell in Wisconsin, continue to follow the coverage of reentry on television.

“This is the critical moment,” says Walter Cronkite on television. “Will the heat shield hold? Will the Command module survive the intense heat of re-entry? If it doesn’t, there will only be silence.”

“Mommy, you’re squishing me,” says Jeffrey Lovell.

“Sorry, sorry, Sweetie,” says Marilyn. A priest pats Jeffrey’s head.

Reporters are packed in the NASA press room, watching coverage.

Monitors in the Mission Control Center show video of circling Navy helicopters.

The countdown clock moves to 00:00:00.

“Okay, Flight,” says INCO. “That’s three minutes. We are standing by for acquisition.”

“Copy that,” says Gene Kranz.

“Odyssey, Houston. Do you read me?” says Ken Mattingly. “Odyssey, this is Houston, do you read?”

“Expected time of re-acquisition, the time when the astronauts were expected to come out of blackout, has come and gone,” says Walter Cronkite. “About all any of us can do now is just listen and hope.”

Pete Conrad watches the television intently.


Gary Sinese as Ken Mattingly

Ed Harris as Gene Kranz

Kathleen Quinlan as Marilyn Lovell

Miko Hughes as Jeffrey Lovell

Rance Howard as Priest

Emily Ann Lloyd as Susan Lovell

Mary Kate Schelhardt as Barbara Lovell

Max Elliott Slade as Jay Lovell

Jules Bergman as Himself

Walter Cronkite as Himself

Rance Howard as Priest

Ed Harris as Gene Kranz

Ben Bode as INCO

David Andrews as Pete Conrad


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