Minute 014: Ken, Get Your Helmet On!

July 12, 2018


Lovell, Mattingly, and Haise just finished a three hour simulation in the CM SIM.

“Yeah, I know,” replies Ken, “but my rate of turn is still a little too slow there, I really think we should work it again.”

Lovell looks at Mattingly. “Well, let’s get it right!” says Lovell.

“Okay,” says Mattingly, “Set it up again, Frank.” Mattingly turns back to the simulator, passing by the backup crew.

“Okay, Thirteen backup crew, it’ll have to wait. Prime crew’s up for another run.” says the PA announcer.

Backup CDR John Young passes by Lovell on the stairs. “Yeah, baby!” says Young.

The scene fades.

“Apollo Thirteen, we show S-IV-B shutdown and all systems are nominal,” says a Capcom voice over the radio. The view is that of the Command Modules DSKY display, showing the computer activity being Program 06, Verb 16, Noun 62. A gloved finger presses the Proceed key.

Astronauts Haise, Lovell, and Mattingly are in their seats. Ken Mattingly is not wearing his helmet.

“Fred, set the S-Band Omni to B, and when you get in the LM, Two Forward,” continues the Capcom voice on the radio. Haise is throwing switches.

“Good shape over here,” says Haise. A Master Alarm starts blaring.

“Hey, we got a problem,” says Lovell, scanning the controls.

“Oh-Two flow High,” says Haise. The cabin pressure dial rises.

“Cabin depress – repeat, cabin depress!”  says Lovell.

“I got no suit pressure!” says Mattingly.

“Ken, get your helmet on!” says Lovell.

“I can’t get it locked and we’ve got a master alarm!” yells Mattingly. The glass faces of the dials break.

“Oh God, oh God!” says Lovell, as the glass flies at the astronauts.  Suddenly, the hatch blows out.  Lovell’s oxygen lines separate from the suit. The seat frame breaks, and Lovell is shoved out the hole where the hatch used to be.

More dials and indicators break and spark. Haise calls for help while trapped behind the wreckage of the CM interior.


Jim Lovell: Tom Hanks
SIM controller Frank : Arthur Senzy
Ken Mattingly: Gary Sinese
Fred Haise: Bill Paxton
Jack Swigert: Kevin Bacon
John Young: Ben Marley
Charlie Duke: Unknown

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