Minute 041: Fredo, You Okay?

August 27, 2018

FIDO is looking at the numbers for the Trans Lunar Injection.

“It’s on the money!” says FIDO, “Looks good, Flight.”

“Roger, FIDO,” says Gene Kranz. “Okay, guys – – we’re going to the Moon!

“Flight, we have reacquisition of signal at Hawaii,” says a controller.  On the big display screen at the MCC, a graphic showing the route from the Earth to the Moon is titled “EARTH MOON TRANSIT – DISTANCE x 1000 NAUTICAL MILES.”

On board Odyssey, Swigert is on the radio.

“Okay, Houston, it’s the CMP here,” says Swigert. “I’ve exchanged couches with Jim, I’m in the pilot’s seat. I’m gonna go ahead and get set for transposition and docking.”

Fred Haise doesn’t look well.

Jim Lovell is changing out of his flight suit.

Haise suddenly vomits.

Lovell and Swigert look at him, concerned.

Chunks of vomit are floating about the cabin in zero gee.

“Fredo, are you okay?” asks Lovell. Haise finds a bag and continues retching into the bag.

Back at the MCC, Kranz says, “Okay, everybody – let’s get turned around and pick up the Lunar Module.”

“Odyssey, you’re go for pyro arm and docking,” says CAPCOM, “repeat, go for docking, and we recommend you secure cabin pressurization.”

“Roger that,” says Swigert. “Okay.”

The CSM and the S-IV-B hang in deep space.


Jim Lovell: Tom Hanks
Jack Swigert: Kevin Bacon
Fred Haise: Bill Paxton
Gene Kranz: Ed Harris
CAPCOM: Brett Cullen
FIDO White Team Jerry Bostick: Ray McKinnon

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