Minute 038: Center Engine Cutoff

August 22, 2018

Riding into orbit, the instrument panel suddenly reports a problem with the S-II’s center engine.

“Houston, this is Thirteen,” says Lovell, “We’ve got a center engine cut-off, go on the other four?”

On the big video screen at Mission Control, the telemetry shows Engine Five to be offline.

“Thirteen, we show the same, ” says the CAPCOM. He turns toward Kranz.

“Booster, can you confirm that center engine cutoff?” asks Kranz.

“Roger that, Flight,” says Booster, “looks like we lost it.”

“FIDO, what’s that going to do to us?” asks Kranz.

“Standby, Flight,” replies FIDO.

“I need to know if the IU is correcting for the Number Five shutdown,” says the FAO.

Swigert and Haise look at the alarm, then look at Lovell.

Lovell looks at the Abort handle.

“Houston, what’s the story on Engine Five?” asks Lovell.

“Looks good, we’re still Go,” says FIDO. “We’ll be alright, as long as we don’t lose another one.”

“Roger that,” says Kranz.

“Uh, Thirteen,” says CAPCOM, “We’re not sure why the inboard was out early, but the other engines are go so we’re gonna burn those remaining engines a little bit longer.”

“Roger that,” says Lovell, “Our gimbals are good, our trim is good — ”


Jim Lovell: Tom Hanks
Jack Swigert: Kevin Bacon
Fred Haise: Bill Paxton
Gene Kranz: Ed Harris
CAPCOM: Brett Cullen
MSC Controller, Tom: Rory Aylward
FIDO White Team Jerry Bostick: Ray McKinnon
GUIDO White Team: Andy Milder
RETRO White Team: Googy Gress
EECOM White Team: Clint Howard
Flight Surgeon: Christian Clemonson
TELMU White Team: Jim Meskimen
INCO White Team: John Short
FAO White Team: Todd Louiso
GNC White Team: Gabriel Jarret

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