Minute 111: I Think We Got it, Buddy

June 22, 2020

In the CM simulator, Ken Mattingly begins a power-up with the new configuration. He turns on the floodlights.

“Okay, says Mattingly. “I’m bringing up the guidance. Here we go.”

The power needle creeps up from ten amps.

“CMC (Command Module Computer) attitude IMU”, says Mattingly, throwing a switch. “CMC source, CMC mode auto.”

The power needle points to eighteen amps.

“And we’re on the computer,” says Mattingly. The computer’s ACTY, NO ATT, TEMP, and PROG lights turn on, followed by the STBY light.

The needle points at nineteen amps, just below the red line of twenty.

“Ken?” says John Aaron.

“Go ahead,” replies Mattingly.

“Is your computer on now?” asks Aaron.

“Up and running,” says Mattingly. “How do we look?”

Aaron doesn’t respond for a moment.

“John?” says Mattingly.

“I think we’ve got it, buddy,” replies Aaron.

The scene shifts to the entrance to Building 31N, site of Mission Control. Ken, John Young, and John Aaron step out of a car and head for the doors.

“Arthur,” begins Mattingly.


Gary Sinese as Ken Mattingly

Loren Dean as John Aaron

Ben Marley as John Young


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