Minute 093: Just Breathe Normal, Fellas

April 29, 2020

The makeshift CO2 scrubber has been attached to the LM.

Lovell looks at Swigert and Haise. “Just breathe normal, fellas,” he says to them.

“Aquarius, please advise on CO2 status,” says CAPCOM.

” Yeah, Houston,” says Lovell. “We’re taking a look at those numbers right now. We’re still holding close to 15, Houston.

“Roger that. Standing by,” replies CAPCOM

They wait. Suddenly, the CO2 warning light blinks out. The CO2 gauge needle moves away from 15.

“Houston,” says Lovell, “The CO2 level has dropped to 9… and it is still falling.”

There are several cheers in Mission Control.

“Great job, you guys,” says Gene Kranz.

“It is good to hear, Aquarius,” says CAPCOM. He turns to the technician in charge of building the CO2 scrubber and shakes his hand, saying, “And you, sir, are a steely-eyed missile man!”


Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell

Bill Paxton as Fred Haise

Kevin Bacon as Jack Swigert

Brett Cullen as CAPCOM / Andy

Ed Harris as Gene Kranz

Walter von Huene as Technician

Christian Clemenson as Flight Surgeon

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