Minute 113: Are You Boys with the Space Program Too?

June 24, 2020

Marilyn Lovell introduces her mother-in-law to two men.

“Blanch,” says Marilyn, “These nice young men are gonna watch the television with you. This is Neil Armstrong and this is Buzz Aldrin.”

“Nice to meet you,” says Neil Armstrong.

“Hi,” says Buzz Aldrin.

“Are you boys in the space program, too?” asks Blanch.

Back in Mission Control, Ken Mattingly is reading up the instructions for the power-up.

“Okay, Jack,” says Mattingly, “Give me a read back on that last procedure.”

“Stand by, Ken,” says Swigert. “Ken, I’m a… well, I’m having trouble reading my own writing. I guess, I’m a little more tired than I thought.”

“Don’t worry, Jack,” replies Mattingly. “I’ll talk to you through it. Okay, find the main bus breakers on panel 11.”

“Yeah, main bus breakers. Got it,” says Swigert.

“Close main bus B,” says Mattingly.

Swigert looks at the water-soaked control panel.

“Uh, Ken,” says Swigert, “There’s an awful lot of condensation on these panels.”


Bill Paxton as Fred Haise

Kevin Bacon as Jack Swigert

Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell

Brett Cullen as CAPCOM

Chris Ellis as Deke Slayton

Loren Dean as John Aaron

Ben Marley as John Young

Todd Louiso as FAO – White Team

Joe Spano as NASA Director

Ed Harris as Gene Kranz

Marc McClure as Glynn Lunney

Clint Howard as Sy Liebergot

Googy Gress as RETRO White

Christian Clemenson as Flight Surgeon Dr. Chuck

Ned Vaughn as CAPCOM 2

Max Grodénchik as FIDO Gold

Walter von Huene as Technician

Kenneth White as Grumman Rep

Jean Speegle Howard as Blanch Lovell

Kathleen Quinlan as Marilyn Lovell

Mark Wheeler as Neil Armstrong

Larry Williams as Buzz Aldrin

Michele Little as Jane Conrad

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