Minute 017: Lucky 13

July 17, 2018

Guest: EAA Intern Abby Riley

In Jay Lovell’s bedroom, Jim Lovell is talking to his son about the Apollo One fire.

“– and, uh, well a lot of things went wrong on that fire,” continues Jim Lovell.

“Did they fix it?” asks Jay Lovell.

“Oh yes,” replies Jim Lovell, “Absolutely. We fixed it. It’s not a problem any more.”

Marilyn, listening in, leans her head against a wall in the hallway.

On the streets of Houston, a Cadillac and an AMC Hornet drive along the road at night.  Jim and Marilyn Lovell, in their red Corvette, pull in front of the cars.

“I can’t believe they still have you doing public appearances!” says Marilyn.

“Well, Henry Hurt was — all over me,” says Jim.

“I know,” says Marilyn.

“But I couldn’t get- ” begins Jim.

“But the training schedule,” says Marilyn, “it’s tight. They shouldn’t be asking.”

“It’s the program,” says Jim. “Marilyn, you know – – it’s NASA.”

A Ford Mustang pulls up next to them. The driver shouts, “Hey, you’re Jim Lovell, aren’t you?”

Jim nods.

“Ha! Lucky Thirteen!” says the driver.  Jim salutes him. “Right on!” says the driver.

The light turns green, and the Mustang peels out. Jim steps on the gas, but his Corvette stalls.

“It’s the second time it’s done that,” says Jim. He restarts the car.


Jim Lovell: Tom Hanks
Marilyn Lovell : Kathleen Quinlan
Jay Lovell: Max Elliott Slade
Noisy Civilian: Todd Hallowell

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