Minute 090: A Good Arm Length

April 24, 2020

Andy, the CAPCOM, continues explaining the construction of the carbon dioxide scrubber to the crew.

“Canisters, I’m sorry,” says Andy. “A roll of gray tape.”

“Duct tape,” corrects the technician.

“The duct tape,” repeats Andy. “You need an LCG (Liquid-Cooled Garment) bag, two LCG bags, red suit hoses and you’ve
got the flight plan cover.”

Lovell scrambles inside the Command Module to find the salvaged equipment.

Back in Houston, Henry the Public Affairs Officer fields questions at a press conference.

“What about their level of carbon dioxide?” asks a female reporter

“It’s, uh, climbing,” replies Henry.

“You’re saying that they’re almost out of breathable air?” asks another reporter.

“No, wait a second. Wait a second,” says the NASA Director.  “That’s- that’s not what he said. He said we’re working on it.”

Back on the ship, the three astronauts listen to the instructions radioed up by CAPCOM.

“You wanna cut the duct tape three feet long,” says CAPCOM.

“Tell him to use his arm,” says the technician.

“Just use your arm. It’s a good arms length,” explains CAPCOM.

“Okay. Houston, I see what you’re getting at, hold on,” says Haise. “Okay, Jack. Tear that piece of tape down the middle

“Alright?” asks CAPCOM.

“Hold on, Houston,” replies Haise.

A news anchor continues to explain the situation on TV.

“Well, the astronauts appear to have enough oxygen to keep them alive,” says the newsman. “One thing they have too much of is carbon dioxide. With each breath that three men exhale more of the poisonous gas into the lunar module cockpit and the scrubbers intended-”


Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell

Bill Paxton as Fred Haise

Kevin Bacon as Jack Swigert

Brett Cullen as CAPCOM / Andy

Walter von Huene as Technician

Xander Berkeley as PAO Henry

Julie Rowen as Reporter

Herbert Jefferson, Jr. as Another Reporter

Joe Spano as NASA Director


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