Minute 095: Are You Scared?

May 01, 2020

Marilyn, Susan, and Barbara Lovell are visiting Jim Lovell’s mother, Blanch, at the nursing home.

“I was gonna see Jimmy,” says Blanch, pointing at the TV.

“I know,” says Marilyn. “I know. We came to tell you something. There’s been an accident. Jimmy’s okay. He’s all right – – but he’s not gonna get to walk on the moon.”

“Well, they said he was,” replies Blanch.

“I know. I know,” repeats Marilyn. “Uhm – that was before. Now there’s been an explosion. And – –  they’re all okay, they’re all right. But now they’re just going to — try to figure out a way to
get them home. And – – and it’s a little bit dangerous.”

Susan, the youngest daughter, begins sobbing.

“Oh, sweetie,” says Marilyn, hugging Susan.

“Are you scared?” Blanch asks Susan.


Jean Speegle Howard as Blanch Lovell

Thom Barry as Orderly

Kathleen Quinlan as Marilyn Lovell

Mary Kate Schelhardt as Barbara Lovell

Emily Ann Lloyd as Susan Lovell

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