Minute 092: I Can Hear Air Moving

April 28, 2020

Swigert watches Haise and Lovell assembling the CO2 scrubber.

Meanwhile, in the Haise household, Mary Haise sits with several children and family and friends. ABC’s Jules Bergman is reporting on television.

“As most of you are aware,” says Bergman, “there is no rescue possible in space flight, any rescue system the space agency has long since calculated,  any since… any rescue system the space agency calculated-”

Mary crosses the room and turns off the television. She grabs the side of a china cabinet.

Back in Aquarius, Lovell removes a sock.

“One sock,” he says. “Work it in.”

On the radio, CAPCOM continues reading instructions.

“Once you have the sock in place, ” says CAPCOM, “We’re gonna want you to bungee the entire filter assembly to the bulkhead, right above the LM canister.”

Swigert looks at the CO2 gauge. “We’re getting close to 15,” he says.

At a press conference, a female reporter stands up.

“So how does this flight compare to other emergency situations you faced?” asks the reporter.

Well, I have to say that this is the most serious situation we’ve ever encountered in manned space flight,” replies the NASA director.

Back in Aquarius, Haise talks to Mission Control.

“Houston, filters in place,” reports Haise.

“Roger, Thirteen,” replies CAPCOM.

“Cabin gas return to egress, suit circuit relief to close,” says Haise. “CO2 canister select to secondary. All right, here it goes.”

“I can hear air moving,” says Swigert.


Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell

Bill Paxton as Fred Haise

Kevin Bacon as Jack Swigert

Brett Cullen as CAPCOM / Andy

Joe Spano as NASA Director

Julie Rowen as Reporter

Jules Bergman  as Himself

Tracy Reiner as Mary Haise

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