Minute 074: [On the Moon]

February 07, 2019

As James Horner’s theme plays, Lovell looks out at the Moon through the LM window.

Lovell imagines what it would have been like to have a successful landing. He pictures taking the last few steps down the ladder, and standing in the bowl of the LM footpad.  Placing his left foot on the powdery surface,  Lovell raises his visor, smiling. The LM is parked on the edge of the Fra Mauro highlands.

Jim Lovell has a loping gait as he bounds across the lunar surface, leaving an iconic bootprint in the dust.  He takes a knee, and runs his gloved hand through the regolith. In the distance, a half-lit Earth looms on the horizon. Lovell takes in the scene, his Navy anchor emblem clearly visible on the hood of his helmet.  The camera draws closer to Lovell, and the Earth fills the frame.

The scene shifts back to the reality of Jim Lovell watching the passing lunar surface from the LM window.



Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell

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