Minute 037: Get Ready for a Little Jolt, Fellas

August 21, 2018

The Command Module’s DSKY reports the ship is Program 11, Verb 16, Noun 62, reporting lines +00062, +00152, and +00032.

“Velocity, right on the line,” says Swigert, looking at the instrument panel’s eight-ball.

“Roll complete!” says Lovell, “We are pitching!”

“Thirteen,” says the CAPCOM, “Stand by for Mode One Bravo.”

Flames expand at the base of the Saturn V as the atmosphere gets thinner.

In Mission Control,  Kranz asks, “FIDO, how are we looking?”

FIDO responds, “Looks good, Flight. Right down the middle.”

Above Swigert’s head, the hatch window shows a sky darkening and filling with stars.

“Roger!” says Lovell. “EDS to Manual, inboard.”  He says to the crew, “Get ready for a little jolt, fellas!”

The ullage motors of the S-I fire, before jettisoning the first stage. The crew is throw violently against their seat straps.

The S-I stage falls away, followed by the interstage. The S-II engines ignite.

Lovell jettisons the Launch Escape System manually. Fred Haise suddenly gets a view of the outside as the Boost Protective Cover is jettisoned.

“Tower jett!” reports Lovell.


Jim Lovell: Tom Hanks
Jack Swigert: Kevin Bacon
Fred Haise: Bill Paxton
Gene Kranz: Ed Harris
FIDO White Team Jerry Bostick: Ray McKinnon
CAPCOM: Brett Cullen

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