Minute 122: That’s Good Thinking

July 07, 2020

Jack Swigert drifts to the center seat of the CM to look at the battery gauges.

“Okay, pyro batts look good,” says Swigert. “I don’t think we have to tie the other batteries.”

Jim Lovell floats to the left seat and looks at the pilot gauges. Swigert pauses, unable to return to the pilot-in-command seat. It takes a moment for Lovell to catch on that he’s in the wrong seat.

“Sorry, Jack,” says Lovell. “This is an old habit. I’m kinda used to pilot’s seat. She’s yours to fly.” Swigert smiles and they switch places.

“Okay, Odyssey” radios Mattingly, “I wanna double check some re-entry procedures right after we jettison the LM which is coming up in thirty seconds.”

“What is that?” Lovell asks Swigert, pointing at a piece of paper that says “NO” taped over some switches.

“Oh,” says Swigert, “I was getting a little punchy and I — I didn’t wanna cut the LM loose with you guys still in it.”

Lovell ponders that idea for a moment.

“That’s good thinking,” says Lovell.

“Stand by, Houston,” says Swigert. He presses the two switches that were covered by the paper. There’s a thudding sound.

“We have Lunar Module jettison,” says Swigert.


Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell

Bill Paxton as Fred Haise

Kevin Bacon as Jack Swigert

Gary Sinese as Ken Mattingly


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