Minute 045: The Constellation Urion

August 31, 2018

It’s the change of shift at Mission Control. Everyone is being updated on mission status for each station.

The scene fades.


The CSM and Lunar Module are in rotisserie mode, rolling along the long axis of the two spacecraft.

Lovell is using the urine collection system in the lower equipment bay.

“Aw, it’s too bad we can’t demonstrate this on TV,” says Lovell. “What a shame,” he smiles.

“Okay, overboard dump coming up,” says Lovell. He presses a switch labeled “URINE DUMP,” then turns a knob marked “OVBD DRAIN DUMP.”

“Here it comes,” says Lovell.

“The Constellation Urion,” says Haise. A spray of ice crystals exits the Command Module.

“Now that’s a beautiful sight,” says Haise.

In the Lovell residence, Marilyn knocks on her daughter’s bedroom door.

“Barbara,” says Marilyn, “Barbara, we are going to your father’s broadcast!”

“No!” says Barbara through the closed door. “I’m never coming out! I hate Paul! No one else can play another one of their records again!”

“She’s still going on about the s-” begins Susan Lovell.


Jim Lovell: Tom Hanks
Jack Swigert: Kevin Bacon
Fred Haise: Bill Paxton
EECOM White Team: Clint Howard
EECOM Gold Team John Aaron:  Loren Dean
Marilyn Lovell:  Kathleen Quinlan
Barbara Lovell: Mary Kate Schellhardt
Susan Lovell: Emily Ann Lloyd

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