Minute 011: A Slight Change in Destination

July 09, 2018


Jim Lovell arrives at the top of the stairs in his home, in the middle of an argument between his daughter and Marilyn about appropriate Halloween costumes.

“Hey everybody,” says Jim. His daughter Barbara closes her bedroom door.

“Jim!” says Marilyn, surprised.

“Marilyn, trick or treat!” replies Jim. “You know that Easter vacation trip we had planned for Acapulco?”

“Uh-oh,” says Marilyn.

“Well, I was thinking there might be a slight change in destination,” explains Jim, hanging up his suitcase.

“Really?” says Marilyn.

“Maybe, say – – the Moon?” explains Jim.

Marilyn and Susan Lovell gasp. Marilyn hugs Jim.

“Al Shepard’s ear infection has flared up, and we’ve all been bumped up to the prime crew — of Apollo Thirteen,” says Jim. “Straight to the head of the line in the Fra Mauro Highlands.”

“Six months?” asks Marilyn. “You’re moving up six months?”  Barbara steps into the bedroom.

“Dad,” asks Barbara,” Can I please wear this?” she’s still wearing her hippie miniskirt costume.

“Sure!” says Jim, giving her a quick glance.

“Jim!” corrects Marilyn.

“No! No – absolutely not,” says Jim, taking his cue from Marilyn. Barbara marches out of the room, and back into her bedroom.

“They’re not rushing things, are they?” asks Marilyn. “I mean, you – you’re gonna be ready in six months?”

“We’ll be ready,” replies Jim. “Boy, I wouldn’t want to be around Al Shepard tonight. I gotta get over there – – we’re gonna have to get up to speed on this.”

“Go, go,” says Marilyn.

“I’m gonna walk on the Moon, Marilyn,” says Jim, at their bedroom door.

Marilyn shakes her head in disbelief.  “I know,” she says.


Jim Lovell: Tom Hanks
Marilyn Lovell: Kathleen Quinlan
Barbara Lovell: Mary Kate Schelhardt
Susan Lovell: Emily Ann Lloyd
Jeffrey Lovell: Miko Hughes

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