Minute 026: Char Broiled

August 06, 2018

Warnings start beeping in the Command Module SIM during a mock reentry.

“We’re at twelve Gees,” says Swigert.

“Twelve Gees,” repeats Lovell, “We’re burning up.”

“Dammit,” says Deke, at the simulator console.

“I gave ’em a false indicator light, right at entry interface,” says the Sim controller, “Even Mattingly didn’t get it the first time.”

“How are you feeling, Fredo?” asks Lovell, sitting center seat in the Command Module simulator.

“Char broiled,” replies Haise.

Lovell turns to Swigert. “So, what happened?” he asks.

“Came in too steep,” says Swigert. “We’re dead.”

“No s–t,” says Haise.

“Yeah,” says Lovell,” yeah, we were into Program sixty-seven there, so…” Swigert nods.

“Okay guys,” says Lovell into his microphone, “we’re going to do this again, obviously, but give us a minute to get our switches reset.”

“Jim,” says Deke on the intercom, “could we have a word?”

“Sure – – Deke,” says Lovell, looking at Swigert.  Lovell climbs out of the simulator.

“We’re going to drop offline for debriefing,” says a voice on the intercom.

Lovell climbs down the stairs to Deke.

“So?” says Deke.

“Well,”  replies Lovell.


Jim Lovell: Tom Hanks
Jack Swigert: Kevin Bacon
Ken Mattingly: Gary Sinese
Fred Haise: Bill Paxton
Deke Slayton: Chris Ellis

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